AERO 2015

AERO 2015 – Interview with MAURIZIO CHELI – Headapp

Eye4Flight improves flight safety and comfort by providing real time flight information directly in front of the pilot’s sight, so that the pilot does not need to glance down at the cockpit display, therefore increasing his time spent on traffic

AERO 2015 – DAHER – TBM 900 – Philippe De Segovia

AERO 2015 – DAHER – TBM 900 – Philippe De Segovia

AERO 2015 – Interview with PAOLO PARI and CARLO CAIAFFA – SmartBay

Enable rapid sensors suite aircraft configurationStandardize and automate the sensors management during the missionFacilitate post-processing operation of the data collectedOptimize the sensor maintenance (off-board) operations

AERO 2015 – Interview with ALBERTO PORTO – Swiss-Excellence-Airplanes

The official presentation of Risen aircraft, by Swiss Excellence Airplanes, has taken place in Friedrichshafen on AERO 2015 opening day, April 15.  The unveiling has been in the early afternoon, in the presence of SEA SA members and numerous flight

AERO 2015 – Interview with Roland Bosch

Strong international growth: With 33,900 industry visitors from 60 countries over four days, the AERO registered a marked increase in visitor numbers. International visitors in particular generated strong momentum for the aviation show at Lake Constance: “In under 40 years,

Aero 2015 – AutoGyro

Mit rund 30 internationalen Journalisten ein voller Erfolg   Am zweiten Messetag begrüßen der AutoGyro Unternehmenssprecher Dietmar Baum, CEO Dr. Hans Marenbach sowie der Schweizer Investor Andreas Etter die Pressevertreter auf der AERO 2015, um über alle wichtigen Neuigkeiten der

AERO 2015 – RocketRoute

RocketRoute team performed really good at this year AERO and received a lot of positive and overwhelming feedback from our returning and loyal customers.We are glad that you are satisfied with our service and would like to share few great

AERO 2015 – Part 1

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