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Avioportolano officially becomes A.I.P: agreement with ENAC to publish data for flying in Italy

The agreement between Avioportolano and ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, for the official publication of data and information, about registered airfields, seaplane bases and helipads in Italy has been concluded.
The Regulation provides for the publication and maximum dissemination of information officially communicated by the operators, an activity that ENAC has entrusted to Avioportolano as a qualified and certified subject as A.I.S. – Aeronautical Information Service – for the production, management and provision of aeronautical information services and related publications for visual flight. In the interviews, we are listening to the protagonists of the agreement.

Eng. Fabio Nicolai – ENAC
We chose to ask Avioportolano to do their due diligence and collaborate with us because we recognised their great professionalism and realised that the work Avioportolano had already done could be usefully exploited for our needs.
It was easy for us to select him. Moreover, it is certified according to ISO standards, so it was really an achievement for us to entrust this work to Avioportolano. Enac is really satisfied with the result we achieved.

Guido Medici – Founder and Editor Avioportolano
The data of the registered airfields, seaplane bases and helipads that Avioportolano will publish will from now on have an official character and especially rank as an aviation publication. Avioportolano will have A.I.P. status for information relating to this sector, registered airfields, seaplane bases and helipads.
We have arrived at this institutional recognition granted to Avioportolano by the highest authority in Italian civil aviation after a long journey.
I thank my collaborators and I thank the managers and staff of Enac who have worked with commitment and dedication to achieve this important result.
Of course, I also thank the pilots, associations, and individuals who have been following us for years, who have appreciated our work, who have supported us, and who have also advocated and supported this process.
What we received from ENAC sanctions and solidifies a consensus that Avioportolano has earned in the field over the years, expressed by pilots and major international players such as Garmin, Leonardo, ForeFlight, Sky Demon, and Rocket Route.
These are companies with whom we have entered into specific agreements in recent years to use our data in their navigation software.
The data of registered airfields, seaplane bases and helipads will be official and made public by Avioportolano on a special ENAC page that we will host on our Avioportolano Aeronautical Information portal.
The basic information, as transmitted by the operators, will also be accessible free of charge by all players who wish to use it.
Another important fact for us and significant for all helicopter pilots is that Avioportolano information will also extend to the universe of Italian helipads, following the path of a project we launched last year called Avoportolano Vertiflight Project.
It is a programme that we started and which will be supplemented by information pertaining from helipads.
We are talking about a network of 500, 600 infrastructures, which will be continually updated, in order to offer an ever-improving service that has always distinguished our company’s activities.

Info: http://www.aai.it
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