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Elisa Baioni
Coordination – Video journalist at FlyEurope.TV
She is the relationship manager at FlyEurope.TV. She speaks 4 languages and coordinates the activity for the platform. She has held important managerial positions in multinational companies in the commercial, marketing and communication field. Journalist for many years in the general field.
Elisa is a supporting member of FlyEurope.TV.


Fabrizio S. Bovi
PPL Pilot – Professional journalist and Editorial Director
Specialized in aerospace and science. UGAI and UGIS asssociate. He has been writing about aviation for forty years. He was Air Editor of the Swiss international magazine Interconair Aviation & Marine. For ten years he served as Head of the Specialized Press Office at Agusta Helicopters and for twenty years he was editor and head of the Flight Testing Service of the monthly magazine “Volare” (Domus). He obtained the private pilot license in 1968 and has flown all types of aircraft. He  is a founding member of and adviser to FlyEurope.TV.


Massimo Mungiello
Ultralight Pilot 
Video-Journalist, expert in avionics systems.
He was the founder and CEO of Star Company Aviation Technology sagl. He founded and directed the magazine Fly & Cockpit specialized in avionics. Expert in filming, directing and video editing. He has made many video tutorials and video-services for aeronautical instrumentation. He is a creator, founding member and advisor of FlyEurope.TV.


Claudio Rossi
PPL Pilot – Television producer and director
He has worked in television production since 1972: he has worked for important international industrial groups and for the major Italian television networks. He was CEO of an important production company. He is a founding member and Vice President of FlyEurope.TV.


Roberto Vecchi
Advanced ultralight pilot  – Journalist, television author and director – Video journalist of FlyEurope.TV
He is a journalist, author and director for RAI, the Italian national television. He deals with television formats, aeronautical journalistic contents and new interactive media platforms. He is the creator, founding partner and President of FlyEurope.TV.

Anja Schuck
Ultralight ultralight pilot and responsible for institutional relations – Lawyer – Video journalist and external relations manager of FlyEurope.TVShe is a lawyer in Italy and Germany, dealing with international relations and has been a video journalist for the aeronautical sector for six years. She is a founding member of and adviser to FlyEurope.TV.

Jack Zanazzo
PPL pilot and test pilot
He is one of the most important Italian test pilots having flown over 350 aircraft. He was the youngest Top Gun in NATO, soloist of Frecce Tricolori, chief experimental test pilot. He created military air force and acrobatic patrols around the world and tested all kinds of aircraft, from helicopters to fighters. When he is not flying, he disassembles and assembles aircraft and engines. He is an honorary member of FlyEurope.TV.


Pablo Tarocco
Post-production specialist
He is an expert in video editing and post-production. He has worked for the major Italian television stations. He is a supporting member of FlyEurope.TV.


Jimmy Di Lorenzo
PPL pilot – Webmaster and developer
Technical Systems Engineer specialized in computer networks; Aeronautical expert, Safety Manager and IT manager at Rimini AeroClub where he teaches PPL radio communication and theory.
He also deals with web-design and photography. He is a supporting member of FlyEurope.TV.


Davide Noli
Davide Noli – CPL Pilot – Video-Journalist at FlyEurope.TV
He is a graduate of the University of Milan. He has worked in the field of commercial aviation since 2003 with experiences ranging from flight assistant to route development, S & R, Ryanair, CityJet and easyJet. Fixed wing pilot since 2009 CPL / ME / IR and Turbine. He holds licenses from  EASA, CAASA, FAA PIC and experience in USA, Africa, Papua New Guinea and pilot in Italy. Advanced ultralight pilot. He is a supporting member of FlyEurope.TV.


Enrico Carpineti
Journalist and glider and ultralight pilot
Responsible for TV production. He has worked in the radio and television sector since 1978. Today he is responsible for the creation of television broadcasts for Italian broadcasters.


Catia Fusillo
Journalist in  the general field.

Collaborates with FlyEurope.TV, performing administrative and journalistic functions. She is a founding member of and adviser to FlyEurope.TV


luca schietroma - flyeurope

Luca Schietroma
PPL (a) – Aviation Journalist
Attendant/Chief Cabin attendant since 2004 and an Aerospace Journalist. He also holds a Master Degree in Law and a Postgraduate diploma in Aviation Law.

Nicola Laurenzi
Journalist and aircraft sales manager

For over 10 years he has been the Italian Area Sales Manager in the field of aircraft distribution, with commercial and managerial roles.
Since 2013 he has served as Editor of the magazine magazine Volo Sportivo, dealing mainly with reviews related to Business Aviation.
Thanks to an agreement with an important American broker / dealer in the European commercialization of the Mitsubishi MU-2 turboprop, he also works as broker.

Cesare Rossi
Aeronautical manager
FlyEurope.TV consultant.

Nazzareno Nazziconi
Journalist and aeronautical event organizer.
FlyEurope.TV journalist and show business manager.