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Cantor Air expands fleet with Tecnam

Tecnam P2008JC-FlyEurope.TV
Tecnam P2008JC-FlyEurope.TV

Cantor Air (IT.ATO.0004) has confirmed the order of three P2010 TDI four-seater, and two additional P2008JC two-seater.

Berlin, Germany – Tecnam announced today, at the opening of the 2024 Pilot Expo in Berlin, that the Italian Flight Training Organization Cantor Air (IT.ATO.0004) has confirmed the order of three P2010 TDI four-seater, and two additional P2008JC two-seater.
Cantor Air, established in 2007, offers a modern modular pilot training program for Commercial pilots as well as private owners and started its fleet transition to more modern and sustainable platforms in 2017, with the acquisition of their first four Tecnam P2008 JC aircraft.
Seven years later this transition continues with the acquisition of the additional P2008 JC aircraft and the introduction in fleet of the four-seater, IFR, P2010 TDI powered by the Continental CD-170 Diesel/JetA1 engine that will allow the phase out and replacement of ageing legacy aircraft.
Beyond the notable qualities of the P2008 JC, already operated and well established within the ATO since its initial acquisition, the Cantor Air pilots will now also benefit of the P2010 TDI renown performances, capabilities, and comfort.
The “Twenty-Ten” is equipped with an advanced avionics based on the state of the art Garmin G1000 Nxi, enhancing the mission accomplishment through Electronic Stability & Protection and Synthetic Vision, significant safety features when flying over the Alps region and during IFR training typical missions of the ATO.
The P2010 airframe, with its wide composite fuselage and the all-metal wing and stabilator, has proven to be the perfect platform to match the CD-170 engine efficiency, combining the easiness of the Single Lever Power Control engine management to an exceptional fuel economy: the aircraft offers an outstanding fuel burn that ranges from just 4.5 USG/hr (17 litres/hr) at 55% power, to 7 USG/hr (27 litres/hr) at 75% power. Nevertheless the engine provides a constant 91% maximum continuous power up to 10,000ft and a maximum operating altitude of 18,000ft, allowing the P2010 TDI to definitely “soar higher”.
More notably the dual FADEC powerplant grants extremely low operating costs and emissions, and the use of Jet Fuels or Sustainable Aviation Fuel. SAF is already available at many airports throughout Europe which means that up to 80% of net CO2 emissions can be saved by its utilization. And, with a range beyond 1,200 nm, and an endurance in excess of 12 hours, the P2010 Tdi is the perfect choice not only for Flight Training Organizations (which can count on a single refuelling for a whole training-day), but for private mobility too.
TECNAM, which produces the most complete, fuel efficient and less emitting fleet (both single and twin engine) for Flight Training Organization, is constantly committed to provide the most achievable and sustainable solutions towards a greener future and successful business for its valuable clients.

More info on P2010 Tdi: https://tecnam.com/aircraft/p2010-tdi/

More info on the P2008JC: https://tecnam.com/aircraft/p2008-jc-csvla/

Roberto Magnani, Cantor Air Head of Training, said: “We are honoured to partner with Tecnam to bring innovation and sustainability in a very competitive market environment. Modern pilots need modern machines, to be trained in the most professional and sustainable way.”
With this new acquisition, Cantor will increase its fleet to 19 aircraft, including three P2010 Tdi and six P2008JC, which will enable them to train more than 200 students annually.
Francesco Sferra, Tecnam P2012 & Special Mission Platforms Sales and Business Development Manager said: “Tecnam is proud of supporting the Cantor Air fleet development through the introduction of three P2010 TDI and the addition of two P2008 JC. In a path towards advanced, safe, and sustainable training solutions, Tecnam is in the front line to provide a significant and tangible contribution to reducing emissions.”

Cantor Air is synonymous with aviation excellence and embodies the vision and expertise of its founders, experts in civil and military aviation. Since its inception, the flight school has been committed to being a point of reference in European aviation training, with an emphasis on excellence and quality training based on the latest military training techniques.

With state-of-the-art teaching methods and a team of highly qualified flight and ground instructors, Cantor Air offers comprehensive training that goes beyond traditional flying skills. The ATO covers critical topics such as flight safety, CBTA and SMS, preparing students to succeed in an ever-evolving industry.

Strong partnerships with major airlines and a 93% retention rate within 6 months of graduating demonstrate the effectiveness of Cantor Air’s approach.

Cantor Air’s mission is to transform aspiring pilots into true professionals, ready to take on the challenges of the skies with confidence and competence.


Tradition, innovation and vision. Those factors are spearheading Tecnam to wider horizons. Based on recent data and industry benchmarks, Tecnam is offering the greenest training fleet in the world. Flight schools operating Tecnam single- and twin-engine fleet can save as much as 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions for every single student graduating with a Commercial Pilot License – a 60% reduction compared to fleet using 100LL fuel on a journey of 155 flight hours, 30h of which on twin www.Tecnam.com/soar-greener