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Giornata Nazionale dell’Aria 07.04.2019 – Liberi di Volare!

TO FLY. It has always been man’s dream; today sport flying, despite being practiced by enthusiasts, is too often considered a hobby reserved for a select few who can afford it especially from an economic point of view.
It is not so!
Renting a touring aircraft is less expensive than a minimoto hire and adequate technical preparation is guaranteed by the countless flight schools scattered throughout Europe, schools that follow the student pilots in the didactic and theoretical part of their training syllabus.
Italy is full of commercial airports but also of innumerable smaller airports, airfields, helipads, water surfaces and airfields where it is possible to approach the aviation world to satisfy one’s passions and, why not, also to have a useful vehicle for holidays or work.
With the sole purpose of spreading ‘the aviation bug’ ,“ASD Piloti di Classe “, the aeronautical magazine “VFR Aviation” and the Avioportolano Publishing House have announced  – La Giornata Nazionale dell’Aria – Sunday 7 April 2019; from 9:00 to 18:00 you will be greeted by staff  from aeroclubs, airports and aviation facilities who will  also explain the technique of the flight, the performance of the aircraft and for those who want to experience the thrill and beauty of hovering in the air, they will introduce you to the joy of flying a GA or LSA aircraft all clearly free…

A unique day in which you can appreciate the flight intended as passion, hobby, and work. For more information visit http://www.pilotidiclasse.it/