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Guido Medici presents the new AAI Avioportolano Aeronautical Information Service (available ITA vers. see article)

Italian version – click here: https://youtu.be/ogl-2R1JQrk

Avioportolano now has a new format called the “Avioportolano Aeronautical Information Service”. As part of the certification process that we have embarked on, we have published a volume entitled “Manuale VFR Italia” containing the whole body of Italian legislation – including the AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) – and details of all the regulations specifically relating to Italy as concerns VFR (Visual Flight Rules). This also covers all the activities of airfields and airstrip for pilots of ultralight aircraft (ULM). This work has taken a year to complete. We input the AIP in a support that could be processed using the editing tools we have available. Then we cleansed the text of all the parts concerning the IFR (Instrumental Flight Rules), retaining only the content relating to VFR.

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We sifted through this content, removing all the information intended for air traffic controllers, airports, and so on. We only kept what is of specific interest to pilots. We retained the original texts in Italian and English, simply dividing the content into subsections and paragraphs to make it easier for readers to find what they are looking for. Taking the same approach, we then collected all the Italian legislation not contained in the AIP as regards airfields, flights for sport and pleasure, circulars, circulars about sports and those providing information, and we went through exactly the same process. We removed everything that was not of specific interest to pilots, retaining the original legal texts, dividing them into paragraphs and identifying their content to make it easy to track down any particular topic. Then we translated everything into English. Another important thing we did was to have the text in the book printed in two different colors, black and blue. The text in black comes from the original AIP and from Italian legislation. The text in blue concerns the AAI, the Avioportolano Aeronautical information Service. In addition to the info regarding AIP Italia for flying under VFR, and the Italian regulations covering flights under VFR, you can also find all sorts of details about how we develop our products: how we make our aeronautical maps, how we collect and process our data, the traceability of our data, the production process, right up to what readers hold in their hands when they purchase our book. In short, this is our quality manual, as required by the ISO 9001 standard. Compliance with the ISO 9001 requires the traceability of all data and a description of the whole production process, which goes from initial data collection right up to the final publication, on printed paper, in digital format and on maps. I hope this book will serve as a reference for all Italian pilots. I might even go so far as to say it is like a little bible for VFR flights in Italy.