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AERO 2018 – Zefhir Helicopter by Curti – Int. Chiara Albertazzi

Aero is the most important European general aviation fair taking place every year in Friedrichshafen Germany.
Aero 2018 saw the world premier of Zefhir, a two seater turboshaft helicopter designed and produced by the Aerospace Division of the Italian company Curti, that has more than sixty years of experience
in the production of parts and automation equipment for a variety of industrial applications including complex parts for certified helicopters.
Thanks to its turbo-shaft engine, innovative technological solutions and to its safety standards, the aircraft presents cutting edge features in its market segment.
It has in fact been one of the projects selected for the European Horizon 2020 Programme, dedicated to research and innovation.
Its turbine has a maximum power of 180 kW, reduced to 105 kW to ensure higher safety and performance levels even at high altitude and temperatures.
Let’s hear what Eng. Chiara Albertazzi project manager of the Zefhir helicopter for Curti Costruzioni Meccaniche has to say.