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Cirrus Aircraft Unveils Generation 2 Vision Jet

credits: cirrus aircraft

The Cirrus Vision Jet, which has achieved its FAA certification in 2016, has now a Generation 2 version launched last January. New version includes Autothrottle, an enhanced Garmin Perspective Touch+ cockpit and performance improvements.

After two years of the first generation release, Cirrus Aircraft announced the launch of the next generation SF50 Jet. The Vision Jet — called a single-engine Personal Jet by Cirrus Aircraft officials — can accommodate up to five adults and two children; it  is approved for Flight Into Known Ice (FIKI) and is powered by a FADEC-controlled Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan engine. The jet also features a Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

The Vision Jet has joined Cirrus Aircraft’s product portfolio, which includes the SR-series of high-performance piston airplanes — the best-selling aircraft in the world for 13 consecutive years — . Every year the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) collects aircraft shipment data from its member manufacturers : through three quarters of 2018, Cirrus shipments total was 303, including 41 for the SF50 jets.

The new model features the Perspective Touch cockpit, powered by Garmin G3000 avionics, new RVSM-capable air data computers, a Flight Stream 510 WiFi and Bluetooth datalink, an optional autothrottle system that works with the autopilot coupled. The G2 can be flown to FL 310; its pressurization has been increased to 7.1 psi to preserve an 8,000-ft. cabin altitude at the maximum cruising altitude.The aircraft’s top cruise speed is just over 300 KTAS.

Base price of the jet in 2017 was $1.96, the G2’s price is $250,000 higher than the original, so the new base model lists for $2.38 million, raising to $2.75 million if fully equipped.The G2 also includes a series of substantive improvements that add as much as 1000 nm to its maximum range, boost tanks-full payload and make the interior more comfortable for passengers.