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Daher unveils new TBM 940 aircraft

credits: daher 


Daher has unveiled the new TBM 940, which will replace the TBM 930 already in production since 2016.
The aircraft will be equipped with an autothrottle, automatic anti-ice system –  autonomously  activated if ice is detected on the wing surface and a fully renewed passenger cabin; it will mount a turbo prop engine  Pratt & Whitney Canada pt6a – 66d.

The aircraft will be presented at AeroFriedrichshaften as well where an EASA and FAA type certification will probably i be issued; it represents the new evolution of the TBM  family aircraft that saw its initial version to enter into production 28 years ago.

The TBM 700 was the first series-produced pressurised, single-engine aircraft to be certificated and entered  full production in 1991. By the time the upgraded and re-engined TBM 850 replaced this version in 2005.

After a production run of nearly 340 units, the TBM 850 was superseded by the TBM 900 in March 2014.

According to Cirium’s Fleets Analyzer a total of  300 TBM 900/910/930s are currently flying worlwide.