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Konner k2 Italia – the new helicopter made in Italy

Konner K2 Italia is the new helicopter produced by Konner, a company based in the industrial area of Amaro Udine Italia, which for many years has been active in the production of helicopters marketed worldwide.
Konner K2 Italia helicopter is a concentrate of technology. It was born after the Konner K1 and is the result of years of research, studies and tests.
The fuel used is diesel for automotive use.
The helicopter carlinga is made of carbon fibre, glass and kevlar (a composite material specially designed for this purpose). The Konner K2 Italia helicopter is equipped with a turbine engine, with the best power-to-weight ratio in its category, designed by the company’s engineering department.
All mechanical parts are made of aluminium and special steels.
The Konner K2 Italia helicopter has an electronic management system that makes the engine automatic, simplifying the task of the pilot who will not have to continuously operate the engine.
This is an equipment normally applied on much more performing and expensive machines.

Technical characteristics
Empty weight: 380 kg;
available power: 250 hp;
speed: 240 km/h.

It can carry two people, and is equipped with a 1,200-litre load compartment. It can travel a maximum distance of 600 kilometres.
We are aware that with the Konner K2 Italia we have created a real jewel of technology, explains Sergio Bortoluz, owner of Konner .
The recent presentation of our new helicopter at AERO 2018 in Germany, one of the most important trade fairs in the sector, has strengthened our conviction and generated a great deal of interest.
Konner was founded in 2002, has 20 employees, produces the Konner K1 and the new Konner K2 Italia; it is equipped with the turbine engine with the best power-to-weight ratio in its category, applicable to helicopters and airplanes.

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