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VIDEO – Promecc Aerospace presents Freccia and Pegaso aircraft at AERO EXPO Friedrichshafen

Freccia and Pegaso are the two aircraft of the 600 kg category that Promecc Aerospace has proposed in the latest edition of Aero Friedrichshafen. These are high-end three-axis aircraft that stand out for their elegance, high performance and that this year are presented with further updates that make them even more comfortable and safe.
With over 160 aircraft sold, the Italian aircraft industry has been one of the most significant in European history for more than 20 years, and its important experience in the various industrial segments of the aerospace sector allows it to guarantee pilots great reliability, continuity, assistance and research and development capabilities.
It produces parts for flight and other mechanical applications for primary industries and industries of importance, such as Avio Aero, Mermec, Piaggio Aero, CETMA, Comec Innovative, and designs and produces in the field of automation entire robotic systems.
In addition to its range of light aircraft, Promecc Aerospace also manufactures test instruments for Eurofighter EJ-200 and Tornado engines, cases for Boeing 737 and, most recently, also looks after the servicing of MB-339 parts for the Frecce Tricolori on behalf of the Air Force.
Let’s listen to the interviews with Mauro Donno, Cristina Donno and Elisa Donno, the protagonists of the management of the prestigious company of the Pugliese Aerospace District.
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