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TECNAM Commemorates Seventy-Five Years


Capua, Italy-March 21, 2023, Tecnam Aircraft celebrates seventy-five years with the first Astore P-48 in 1948. Italian brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale started their legacy by gathering four non-working aircraft engines in a flea market full of post-war machines. They assembled a working engine for their first legendary aircraft, the P48 Astore, which first flew in 1951.

In 1957 Partenavia was founded to produce single-engine high and low-wing aircraft for the Italian market, flight schools, and flying clubs. International recognition came with the P68, a six-seater twin-engine aircraft with increased sales in the US and Australia. In 1986 the company pivoted, establishing Tecnam Aircraft to produce parts for other manufacturers such as Boeing, ATR, and Agusta-Westland.

In 1990, Paolo Pascale, the current CEO, championed the design of the P92. This ultralight aircraft elevated the Tecnam brand, with over 2,600 aircraft produced. Over the next two decades Tecnam would design, manufacture, and deliver the Seasky, a Twin-Engine P2006T, the first composite P2008, the P2010, and most recently the P2012 Twin Engine to meet the needs of cargo, regional airline carriers, and air medical.

Tecnam has three production facilities in Italy and subsidiaries in Sebring, FL, and Brisbane, Australia. Tecnam produces over 85% of the aircraft in its own facilities, increasing quality and on-time deliveries. “Tecnam operates in more than 65 countries and has over 175 dealers and service centers to meet our customer needs,”stated Mr. Paolo Pascale, CEO at Tecnam. “Our goal is to expand our global presence and enter new markets in the very short term.”

“My families accomplishments in aircraft design and manufacturing have inspired me. My career at Tecnam started almost 13 years ago; having been a mechanic and a metal sheet worker, I appreciate our aircraft’s engineering and simplicity. Flying the Tecnam aircraft, I had the opportunity to appreciate the amazing flying characteristics of our fleet,” said Giovanni Pascale, Managing Director. “Implementing my experience in our manufacturing process, sales, and service, it’s a family tradition founded on passion and heritage. A lifetime commitment focused on innovation and consistency, 75 years in aviation is a tremendous achievement. We look forward to what lies ahead for Tecnam and our customers.”

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About TECNAM; “Quality Aircraft since 1948”

Tecnam is an Italian Aircraft Manufacturer and one of the world’s leading piston aircraft manufacturers. Founded in 1948 by brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale, Tecnam designs and manufactures a wide range of aircraft for personal use, flight training, transportation, business travel, surveillance, law enforcement, and other specialized applications. The company is headquartered in Capua, Italy, and operates two subsidiaries in Sebring, Florida, USA, and Brisbane, Australia, to serve and support the needs of local Tecnam owners and operators.