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The Italian Aero Club turns 110 years old: the interviews.

From September 10th to the 12th at the Giulio Paolucci Civil Airport in Pavullo, Modena, the celebrations for the 110 th anniversary of the Italian Aero Club,took place. the institution supervised by the Prime Minister, the Departments of transportation, defense, economy, finance and interior, is the only federation at The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) with the task of promoting and advertising aviation in all its forms.

The event, held in the unique setting of the airport facility in Frignano, a perfect example of how an infrastructure dedicated to flying can give value to a territory, was also the inauguration for the foundation of the new National Association ‘Città Dell’Aria’, a partnership based on the wish to contribute to the common goal of supporting and promoting aviation culture and actively contributing to its future development.

The new institution, created and promoted by Senator Luca Briziarelli, has already collected in a few months the enthusiastic support of over 100 cities that have facilities, businesses, history and initiatives in their own territories in favor of the economic, cultural and strategic development of the world of aviation.
The event saw a significant participation of leading institutional figures, including the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia, the Deputy Minister of Transport Alessandro Morelli and the Undersecretary of Defense Stefania Pucciarelli. It also represented an important opportunity for meetings, discussions and resolutions for the future of aviation, thus marking a turning point compared to the political disinterest and the problems of the past years.
On this occasion, the institution wanted to promote all the activities it currently represents, paying particular attention to these branches of the world of aviation that are usually less known and visible, like free flight and aircraft modelling: essential pillars made up of tens of thousands of fans that the Italian Aero Club regulates and promotes with its activities.
GIUSEPPE LEONI – President of the Italian Aero Club
GEN. GIANPAOLO MINISCALCO – General Manager of the Italian Aero Club
SEN.LUCA BRIZIARELLI – President of Città dell’Aria Association

ROBERTO GIANAROLI – President of Aero Club Pavullo
Reportage by Roberto Vecchi, Anja Schuck and Davide Piras for FlyEurope.TV.