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The new Falcon Eye

Dassault Aviation has always been a leader in the push to bring the latest technology into a business jet cockpit. The result is the amazing EASy flight deck: a sophisticated digital flight control system combined with a head-up display which a fighter pilot would feel immediately comfortable using. And now the next step: FalconEye, which combines the Enhanced Vision System and the Synthetic Vision System along with a very large head-up display to make the proverbial approach to the mountain airport on a dark and stormy night as easy as it would be on the clearest of CAVU VFR days. Aviation journalist Miles O’Brien got a chance to see FalconEye in action at a very tricky airport in the French Alps. He follows up his story with an interview at the 2016 Falcon Family Breakfast with Dassault Aviation’s Chief Test Pilot, Philippe Deleume. (by Dassault Falcon)